Forty percent of Kiwis feel overqualified for their jobs

Forty percent of Kiwis feel overqualified for their jobs
Meanwhile, work-related stress is on the rise, with a large proportion of New Zealanders saying their stress levels have been higher in the past year.

Forty percent of us feel overqualified for our current jobs, according to a survey by Randstad.

The recruitment company’s ‘Workmonitor’, which surveys employees from 32 countries including New Zealand, also shows that compared to previous quarters, more employees expect to change jobs in the next six months.

Better employment conditions, personal desire for change and organisational circumstances are the reasons behind people’s intention to change jobs.

Randstad New Zealand director Paul Robinson said the changes and challenges in our economy meant skill shortages are still present or re-emerging in many industries.

“Finding the right people for the job in this market remains an issue for many organisations. Kiwis are now actively looking for other roles and employers must be aware of the risk of losing their talent. As finding the right people with the right skills is proving ever difficult, there needs to be a renewed focus on retention and development of key staff.”

Meanwhile, new research from Regus claims work-related stress is on the rise with 39 percent of New Zealanders saying their stress levels have been higher in the past year.

The Regus study surveyed more than 16,000 professionals globally to examine stress.

The top cause of stress for New Zealanders are related to the workplace or our finances. Customers are the main source of stress for 54 percent of respondents, with 39 percent saying their job is the top source.

Home life – such as partner stress or childcare responsibilities – is a lesser factor.

So what to do about it? Seventy-seven percent of Kiwi respondents said flexible working would help cut stress, as well as save on costs and improve productivity, in turn helping job security.

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