Election 2011: The battle begins

Election 2011: The battle begins

With the Webb Ellis Cup firmly in our possession, attention is turning to the next national event at hand – the general election.

National soft-launched its campaign this week with a campaign featuring stop-go men wearing blue and red stating ‘This year the choice is clear’, and is doing the official reveal on Sunday. Labour, on the other hand, is said to be shunning the traditional big bang and going for a series of small launches around each of its various policies. 

Will National be a shoo-in for this election? According to iPredict, yes – its odds on a National Prime Minister after the November vote are at more than 90 percent.

The Dominion Post's Joe Bennett reckons so.

"The election won't be much of a contest. Indeed it will probably resemble a match between the All Blacks and a Cambodian High School 2nd XV. The incumbent prime minister, having hitched his wagon to the All Black stallions, has only to keep hold of the reins to win."

Jane Clifton of the Listener, however, is unimpressed with both main parties' offerings to date.

"Acknowledging that, with the election campaign officially under way in a week’s time, someone should at least pretend to be interested in it, the major parties have rattled dags with a bit of new manifesto fodder.

"That the best they could come up with was a passive-aggressive piggy-bank push, and a plan to hobbit-proof our workforce suggests they really shouldn’t have bothered."

And at Scoop, Gordon Campbell says we're being shortchanged – once again.

"The government is heading into the election campaign asking the public for a blank cheque in two of its main policy areas. We should be asking for more."

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