New website lets you rent the stuff you've always wanted to have but never wanted to buy

New website lets you rent the stuff you've always wanted to have but never wanted to buy

Kiwi entrepreneurs Robb Huskinson, Barbara Anderson and Noel Davies have created Rentaholic, a new website designed for people who want to rent things for each other. The site has been in beta mode for 10 months and has officially launched today.

Co-director Barb Anderson says the site is about "collaborative consumption and shared ownership, one of the top ten trends tipped to change the future". 

“The site aims to extend the lifecycle of items in our neighbourhoods, sharing assets and strengthening community ties. Rentaholic makes sense; it makes money for owners and saves money for renters," she adds.

A casual conversation five years ago inspired the business which only sprung to life last year. Determined not to make it an “if only I had…” business idea, Robb Huskinson, director and former President of New Zealand's Entrepreneurs Organisation, set wheels in motion by pulling together the three directors and began to build this new business based on the principal of the shared economy.

“Time Magazine tipped the shared economy to be one of the top 10 trends to change the world. Rentaholic is providing the platform to turn the consumer into the provider and generate income. It’s the Trade Me of renting,” he says.

“At Rentaholic, we believe that there is more than enough stuff in the world and its time we ease back on consumption and think more about sustainability. Renting and sharing allows people to enjoy life, without living beyond their means. It also allows people to make money from things they are not using," adds Huskinson.

The team is already thinking about expanding the business into other markets in the future. For now, though, they're focused on improving the systems behind Rentaholic to get even more users into the platform. Among the list of things currently for hire on the website, Kiwis can get their hands on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, a jet fighter flight, a thermal pool in Taupo, a fog machine or even a small dog available for walks. 

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