Waitakere Festival returns to Henderson with a focus on sustainability

The annual Waitakere Festival is back for the third year in a row to keep Waitakere's unique identity alive even now that it's part of the Big Little City. 

The festival, which started in 2010 by two friends Chloe Waretini and Tim Gregory, has a line-up of fresh local music and a programme of forward-thinking community projects, as well as a big marketplace.

It can accommodate over 6500 but founders Chloe Waretini and Tim Gregory guarantee it can still maintain its green approach.

At the time its creation three years ago, the goal was to celebrate all the world's first Eco City had become. The founders wanted to ensure the local people continued to feel that sense of place and belonging to the area.

“Our shared mission for the festival is to keep engaging more and more people in creating the West we want. We are incredibly heartened by the number of people, local businesses and organisations who have jumped on board with the vision we have - those long-term relationships are what the festival is all about," says Waretini. 

“I think four years into our work we’re starting to be recognised as something of a ‘cultural beacon’ for the West - or so we heard on National radio," Gregory adds.

“In 2012 we saw 6,500 people through the gates, this year we are expecting the biggest festival to date. The bands, the diversity of the vendors, and the activations that connect people with their environment in creative, interesting, and sustainable ways, will all stack up to one fantastic day in Henderson Park.”

In line with its Eco City roots, the 2013 Waitakere Festival will be the first in Auckland to go Zero Waste, the organisers say. The festival team are working with the Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance (ACZWA) to divert 70-80% of waste from landfill. With the use of compostable or recyclable packaging, festival vendors will be Green Vendor certified.

The festival will take place at Henderson Park on 27 October and the line-up, programmed by Cheese on Toast and PIKDAT, includes David Saunders (The 3Ds) with Street Chant, Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes, The Eversons, Dictaphone Blues, Eddie Numbers and Miss June.

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