The Kindling Cracker is on TradeMe - if you like it then you should put a bid on it

The Kindling Cracker is on TradeMe - if you like it then you should put a bid on it

Ayla Hutchinson, the 14 year old inventor of the Kindling Cracker, which earned her the title of Young Inventor of the Year at the 2013 Mystery Creek Fieldays, has listed the first Kindling Cracker from the production line - number 001 - on TradeMe, complete with her signature. 

Ayla's invention has won a number of other awards since then, including the James and Wells IP award and the ITL award.

Using the money earned with those awards, the young inventor has patented and trademarked the Kindling Cracker and the project has been fully funded by her from the beginning, with the product fully manufacture inNew Zealand.

Ayla was inspired to create the kindling chopping invention after her mother nicked the end of her finger chopping kindling and " bled="" everywhere". 

The Kindling Cracker is a much safer device to perform that task, using an axe blade enclosed in a frame, allowing for wood to be placed on the blade and chopped with a mallet. 

If you want to be the proud owner of the first Kindling Cracker to come out of the production line, signed by Ayla herself, get your bidding pants on and go for it.

Ayla hopes the auction will raise enough money to purchase two iPads to get her and her sister off her parents' computers. She also hopes the auction will generate enough publicity to get more sales and fully fund the patents (with $30,000 needed in just under two months).

If you miss out on this signed item, you can still purchase the Kindling Cracker via Ayla's website. 

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