New venture wants to bring cheaper power to Kiwis

New venture wants to bring cheaper power to Kiwis

Grey Power Federation Inc and Pulse Energy have signed a partnership that has resulted in the creation of Grey Power, a new venture that aims to give Kiwis access to low-cost power and easier-to-read bills.

“We sincerely hope that our members take advantage of this opportunity,” says Grey Power national president, Roy Reid, “All of our members are experiencing increased power prices. So this partnership with Pulse will give our members some respite to the increased cost of living.

Reid adds that he hopes senior citizens, in particular, will take advantage of the offer.

“We have enjoyed working with Grey Power to create this new service. After all, this country has been built on the back of the efforts of senior citizens and we hope to finally show them some of the benefits of deregulation,” says Pulse CEO, Gary Holden, “This is only the beginning for us as we see many ways to help reduce power bills for our elderly. It is time the industry allowed the wisdom of electricity reform to provide value to these important members of society.”

Grey Power Electricity and Pulse Energy buy low-cost power from competing generators and pass the benefit on to Grey Power members.

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