You're never too old to play – or invent

You're never too old to play – or invent

A new word game has launched in toy stores nationwide. New tabletop games launch all the time, so what’s the big deal? The game’s inventor is a 69-year-old woman from Howick, Auckland.

Squabbles was invented by Julia Banks, who was frustrated by the restrictive nature of other word games.

“I used to enjoy playing Scrabble but my husband and I started to find it a bit tedious, unsatisfying and too restrictive,” says Banks. 

“I came up with a concept where players don’t have to wait for their turn, but all constantly work on their own word grid, being brought back together as a team through ‘Bad Boy’ cards.”

Bad Boy cards introduce twists in the game.

Banks submitted the game to board game company Thos Holdsworth & Sons, where it was one of hundreds considered.

“Julia’s concept just stood out from the crowd,” says Fleur Tisdale, Thos Holdsworth & Sons’ marketing and sales director.

“She has put a lot of thought into her concept; she’s taken a traditional idea and turned it into an energetic game which can be explained in less than five minutes.”

The game costs $50 and is being marketed under the brand name Holdson.

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