Now there is a website to help you enjoy your life more

Now there is a website to help you enjoy your life more

Public law expert Mai Chen has created a new website to encourage people to live life to its fullest, while preparing for death by simplifying the creation of a will. is supported by a number of New Zealand personalities including Sir Ray Avery, Annah Stretton, Michael Barneet and Beatrice Faumuina, who all have created inspirational videos available on the website.

A recent survey has shown that about half of New Zealanders don’t have a last testament and will and two thirds of Kiwis aged 25-39 have yet to make their wills.

“I am concerned that so many people in New Zealand haven’t planned for the future. I wanted to make it easier for them to protect those who are important to them and to give them the motivation to get on and live their lives to the full,” says Chen. “In my professional life, I see the results of not having a will and it is often painful and difficult for those left behind.”

She adds that the website is designed to make creating a will easy through the use of flow charts. “I hope the site will also inspire people to make the most of their lives every day and share that experience with others.”  

Wils on the website take about 10 to 15 minutes to create and, after that, users can create a “bucket list” of things they want to achieve while living.

“Nobody knows how long they have left to live,” says Chen. “So I want to make a difference every day I am alive.”

“Everyone is born with about 30,000 days to live. I know I am in the last tenth of my life, so every day I dream big and go for it,” says Sir Ray Avery, one of the website supporters.

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