New start up brings fine dining to secret Wellington locations

New start up brings fine dining to secret Wellington locations

After four years away in South America and London working in banking, Soph Grr is back in Wellington and says she is "hell bent on staying away" from that industry. Instead, she decided to invest in turning her passion  for great food, music and events into a business venture and so The Epicurean Dining Club was born.

The idea is to create a very exclusive club (invite only) that gets together for special dining events, and no dining experience will have more than 100 people, to keep it as intimate as possible for the epicureans.

The first event of the dining club will have 54 people and takes place on 20 September and Grr says she started planning it about a month ago. "The best way to describe my role would be as a curator and what I aim to do is bring together obscure venues, great food and musicians to create unique dining experiences for Wellingtonians," she explains. Expanding beyond the capital isn't out of question either: "Let's see what happens in the future."

“I’ll be doing upper echelon events using chefs of higher calibre in other obscure locations down the line,” she says, but there will also be “plenty of cheaper summer rooftop pop ups”.

"I'm really excited about the concept and do believe there is a gap in the market and ample appetite for this type of thing in Wellington. Everyone I've spoken to about it has been amped and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes," she adds.

The first event will be at a secret location. To find more about The Epicurean Dining Club, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to try your luck and get on the guest list of these super exclusive events, follow EDC on Twitter and tweet something of relevance using an Epicurean quote, with #EpicureaniseMe.

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