Kickstarter seems set for Kiwi launch

Kickstarter seems set for Kiwi launch

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has put up a web page saying it will be open for projects from New Zealand and Australia "in the very near future".

The page asks visitors to the site to describe the project they want to promote and sign up for early information. It also offers a link to the Kickstarter School page for those who might launch a campaign - a '101' on Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter is a pioneering player in crowdfunding, starting in 2009.

Pledged campaign dollars now exceed US$700 million. Kickstarter is also set to allow projects to go live in Canada from 9 September and it is also available for UK fundraisers.

New Zealand has a number of local crowdfunding options including Pledge Me and arts funding site Boosted. US Kickstarter campaign creators need an Amazon payments account, must be a permanent resident there and have a social security number.

The Biz Dojo has been offering Kiwi companies the chance to use Kickstarter through its Kickstarter for Kiwis service and recently reported it has had five projects go through the programme.

All but one were successful and the average total pledged per project was nearly $60,000, according to the company's newsletter.

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