Barnaby Weir sings to help the blind

Barnaby Weir sings to help the blind

A new song, called “Everyone Can See”, by lead singer of Fly My Pretties Barnaby Weir will feature in a series of new TV commercials and promotional films for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

The song will be played over images of Pacific patients having surgical bandages removed and seeing the world clearly again.

Weir says the issue of eyesight really resonates with him. “I myself am very short-sighted but I can't imagine what it would be like to not see at all and to have no money or access to the right solutions or help,” he says.

He hopes his song will inspire people to support the foundation’s work.

“We have all the help at our fingertips in NZ so for those people with no chance of getting the attention they need, The Foundation provides such a valuable gift,” he says.

According to Andrew Bell, executive director of the Fred Hollows Foundation, the song is ideal to express the goal of their work. “The sentiment that ‘Everyone Can See’ was central to Fred Hollows’ work,” says Bell.  “Fred Hollows believed that no one should be needlessly blind and his life’s work was to provide quality eye care to people who could not afford it.  To find a song that expresses this so succinctly was a perfect fit.”

The new TV commercials featuring the track air on TV3 this week and will be broadcasted nationwide for the next four months.  

“I believe it's important for musicians to at least make people aware of social justice issues and from there the audience can do what they see fit,” says Weir. “Musicians can rally support and awareness on important issues.”

Bell says there are almost 80,000 blind people in the Pacific and the foundation works hard to help them see again. “We hope that Weir’s song inspires more Kiwis to help us in this effort.”

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