Will Kiwis use a personal shopper service?

Will Kiwis use a personal shopper service?

Imagine receiving a box of garments delivered to your door, all handpicked by your personal shopper in your size and your style based on info you have provided earlier and your Pinterest pins. You try them on and decide to return some (no charge), keep one or two items (and deduct the $20 upfront stylist fee from the total) or maybe keep the lot and claim a 25 percent discount off the full price.

Sound good? Well in the USA Stitch Fix is available and is used by over 80,000 fashionable but time poor ladies just like us. This service has been running for 2 years and they sell 90 percent of the 150 styles they purchase each month. At full price! Each month 10,000 boxes of five items handpicked by a dozen stylists (assisted by smart backend technology) are shipped to their members, 80 percent of these will see at least one item purchased. The average garment price is around $75 and members can choose to have a box delivered each month or on an adhoc basis. Your style preferences are cleverly fine tuned with each order as the algorithm updates itself based on your purchases, returns and feedback. For guys, Trunkclub is a similar service stocking higher end garments (and run by a different crowd).

In this Techcrunch interview from earlier in 2013, StitchFix CEO Katrina Lake explains how the service works, and opens a box of garments selected for the Techcrunch journalist. StitchFix raised USD4.75m in a recent funding round.

I’d love to see something like this in NZ. Not only would it be fantastic to have hand picked clothing delivered to your door, you’d also have the opportunity to try different styles or labels than those you would usually buy. It would be a bit like My Food Bag for fashion!

Tell me, do you think this is something you would try?

Simone McCallum is the social media strategist at ASB. This post originally appeared on her blog.

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