Unpackit reveal best and worst packaging nominees

Unpackit reveal best and worst packaging nominees
Unpackit rewards the best and chastises the worst packaging for products around the country at its annual Unpackit Awards - have your say on this year's nominations!

The country’s best and worst packaging nominees for the Unpackit Awards 2013 have been announced, with some awesome innovative packaging ideas making the grade along with some equally mind-bogglingly awful ones.

The public has been asked to vote for the best (and worst) from the eight nominations in each category. Nominees for the best packaging award combine aesthetics, practicality and environmentally friendliness. As you can imagine, nominees for the worst packaging award fail in these three areas.

Unpackit spokesperson Sue Coutts says the shortlisting panel had twice as many nominations to choose from compared to 2012. She says the awards force many companies to realise how important packaging is for their reputation.

“Consumer feedback drives change because companies have to care what their customers think or they’ll lose business.” says Ms Coutts. “People are making a big difference just by putting nominations in. This year companies got in touch with us quicker than ever when their products popped up in the nominations list.”

Bad packaging received the most nominations, with 287 compared to 137 for the best award.

“Bad packaging is just rubbish after all.” says Ms Coutts. “Multi packs feature on the worst list with so called ‘convenience’ food’s like Snappz pre-sliced ‘fresh’ apples in plastic bags and Twist mini size fruit drinks in tetrapak. Both create unnecessary rubbish, contain a small amount of product and come at a premium price.”

Other bad packaging nominations include single bananas wrapped in plastic on a polystyrene meat tray (why on earth?!) and single use disposable coffee cups with plastic lids.

Voting opens Sat July 27 at and will close on November 8 after which the winners will be announced.

2013 Finalists - Best Awards

Washbar Horse & Hound
- David Trubridge seed system
- ecostore
- Lush toothy tabs
- Green man beer
- Re-think reusable bags
- Amazon Kindle
- Chelsea white sugar

2013 Finalists - Worst Awards

- Snappz pre-sliced apples
- Fruit and veg on meat trays
- Frenz egg carton
- Sun dishwasher tablets
- Disposable coffee cups
- Dell computer monitor
- Nespreso coffee capsules
- Twist tetrapak mini's

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