TerraCycle's sweet solution launches in New Zealand

TerraCycle's sweet solution launches in New Zealand

A global upcycling and recycling company called TerraCycle has recently launched onto the New Zealand market. They are already operating in 23 countries, where they run free recycling programmes for more than 75 different difficult-to-recycle rubbish items.

In New Zealand, the company will be recycling confectionary wrappers and for each item, two cents will be donated to a school or charity organisation of the collector’s choice.

Individuals and organisations can join the (exceptionally named) Confectionary Wrapper Brigade and collect used confectionary packaging that will ultimately be recycled into consumer products such as flowerpots, recycling bins and playground building materials.

CEO and founder of TerraCycle Tom Szaky will officially launch the company in New Zealand on July 29. 

To find out more about joining the programme, visit TerraCycle’s website.