Heritage Hotel’s rawsome new breakfast bar

Heritage Hotel’s rawsome new breakfast bar
A raw breakfast buffet is the latest addition to Heritage Auckland’s vegan, locally sourced menu offerings.

A raw breakfast buffet is the latest addition to Heritage Auckland’s vegan, locally sourced menu offerings.

Developed by executive chef Jinu Abraham, the Raw Bar will be offered alongside the hotel’s standard continental breakfast.

Menu items include raw granola, Bircher muesli, poached fruit (not heated to higher than 40 degrees), coconut yoghurt, raw bread, preserves and more. 

The vision behind the Raw Bar concept was to offer a healthy start to the day when they had the highest capture of in-house guests, says general manager of Heritage Auckland Graeme Back.

“This seemed the most logical place to widen the healthy dining proposition and in a sense demystify what healthy foods represent. Our aim is to present healthy food that is a truly pleasurable dining experience and make our unique and innovative products a mainstream proposition.”

Back says that guests have commented positively about the variety of dining options offered and adds that international guests are “pleasantly surprised” by their cuisine team’s expertise with plant-based food.

“Whilst there are many examples off shore, we are the first New Zealand international hotel restaurant to work with this dining concept in a sustained committed way.”

The hotel has been occupying the healthy and local dining space for more than three years now and Back feels that this point of difference in a crowded dining market means they will “prosper as the healthy and sustainable dining debate increases.”

The hotel was recently accredited by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society and are the first hotel in New Zealand to offer a raw breakfast bar.

Back says all Heritage breakfast buffets will be offering the raw items by the end of this year. 

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