Agony Lance: Business ADHD

Agony Lance: Business ADHD
How to manage your time when you're juggling multiple businesses.

Q What is your strategy for managing your time between multiple businesses? Do you float across all and let each interrupt, or specify time for each and ensure you’re focused but not really aware of what’s going on in the others? Jason Naylor@Freezingkiwis

A That’s a good question. I’ve helped found or invested early in 17 start-ups, about 10 of which are still operating well. Meanwhile I’m a director or equivalent for several other organisations, do consulting work for small, medium and huge companies, hear stories over coffee or in front of whiteboards and share advice and am working on a new large project. So yes – it’s a chaotic schedule, but it’s also great fun.

I combine the two approaches, allocating time each month for regular meetings and leaving a large amount of time for reactive work, writing, conferences, speeches and the main project. The overall philosophy is to allocate time where it is demanded, and to use the basic economics of demand and supply to ensure that the companies that get the most value from my time are able to receive that time.