Tall Poppy Syndrome: The Documentary

Filmmaker Ben Carter has teamed up with Kimberley Crossman to create a documentary about Tall Poppy Syndrome, to encourage people to celebrate success, not knock others down.

They are currently sourcing funds through the Arts Foundation's crowd-funding website Boosted. The goal is $55,000, which will fund the two-month production of the documentary.

Tall Poppy Syndrome and the art of self-promotion featured in last month’s Idealog cover story with Crossman: Cultivating Your Own Poppy. And now the young actress is helping do something about it.

“I think if you are good at something or you’ve done something you’re proud of, it’s important to tell that. You don’t have to yell it off the top of the mountain but if you have got a skill set and you’re good at something, you have every right to be proud of that and tell other people,” says Crossman.

Carter and Crossman will co-direct the documentary, interviewing sociologists, parents, teachers, students and successful Kiwis. They also want to hear from the public; take a look at their video about the project:

The finished documentary, which will be between 30 and 60 minutes in length, will be available online for free in November, 2013.

To find out more and help fund the project, visit their Boosted page. You can also follow the documentary’s project on twitter by following #tallpoppydoco.

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