Charlie's removes recycling claims from Honest Water

Charlie's removes recycling label from Honest Water Eco Bottles

Charlie's has decided to remove its "Please recycle" label from the next run of Honest Water Eco Bottles following an investigation by the Commerce Commission, initiated by a complaint from Wanaka Wastebusters.

Last year, Wastebusters sent more than 1,000 Honest Water bottles back to Charlie's because they couldn't recycle them, asking Charlie's to recycle them instead.

The bottles are made from PLA, which is a plant-based plastic. Due to its similar appearance to PET plastic, it often ends up contaminating PET recycling.

Wanaka Wastebusters have developed a smart packaging website for businesses, with funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund. The site provides information about packaging materials, bioplastics, recycling in New Zealand and other packaging advice for businesses. 

Gina Dempster with Charlie's Honest Water Eco Bottle

Spokesperson for Wastebusters, Gina Dempster, said they took the complaint to the Commerce Commission to protect the goodwill that people have towards recycling.

"When people put their recycling out, they trust that it will actually be recycled, and that trust needs to be protected.

 “It’s misleading to put “please recycle” on the label, if the bottles are actually going to end up in the landfill.”