UPDATED: BurgerFuel's Enviro-Mental Eco Chairs

UPDATED: BurgerFuel's Enviro-Mental Eco Chairs

Update: The brown colour of BurgerFuel's new Eco Chairs mimics the recycled cardboard packaging associated with the brand. It was also selected to tie in with the rimu, ply tabletops and booth seating. The chairs are also easy to maintain and scratches can be easily removed.

The priority behind the design was comfort. Easy stacking was not considered essential, but it has not been ruled out of future adjustments to the design.

Original post: Over the past few months, burger-vending superstar BurgerFuel has been getting a makeover; a move away from the fast and furious garage trappings to more restrained, earthier tones.

One thing that hasn’t changed, is the fast (but not too fast) food chain’s commitment to its 'Enviro-Mental' responsibilities.

Introducing the BurgerFuel ‘Eco Chair’; a completely recyclable chair made from 100 percent recycled medium density polyethylene, and a stainless steel base. The first 200 Eco Chairs manufactured were made from old kayaks and road barriers, and they are currently in 14 New Zealand stores, as well as some Middle Eastern stores.

This is part of an overall refit that is being rolled out in all BurgerFuel branches, which has focused on creating a lighter, brighter and more comfortable environment. The first to receive the makeover and chairs was the Albany branch in Auckland. 

The introduction of the new chairs has allowed the burger joints to become far more flexible and accommodating for large groups of diners and patrons of all ages. It also aligns with their existing biodegradable packaging and “Enviro-Mental” ethos. The plastic component of the new chairs is expected to have a five-year lifespan, at which point they can be recycled again.

A total of 500 Eco Chairs have been produced, so expect to be sitting on one soon.

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