Scientists agree, climate change is happening and we are the cause

Scientists agree, climate change is happening and we are the cause
The consensus project reveals that there is 97 percent agreement among scientists about anthropogenic climate change

A team of citizen scientists have analysed more than 20 years of peer-reviewed literature on climate change and their findings indicate that there is 97 percent agreement across the papers that humans are contributing to climate change. 

Their research was backed by the University of Queensland and headed by the university's researcher and Skeptical Science founder John Cook. It was published in Environmental Research Letters as part of the Consensus Project

According to Cook in a comment piece on the research, "overwhelming agreement among scientists had already formed in the early 1990s" regarding anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

The research looked at 4,014 abstracts authored by 10,188 scientists that stated a position on human-caused climate change and found that 97.1 percent of the abstracts endorsed the consensus while 98.4 percent of the authors endorsed the consensus. 

Endorsement percentages from abstract ratings

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