A field guide to Pinterest marketing

A field guide to Pinterest marketing
Pinterest is a goldmine for some consumer-facing brands, but do you know how to harness it?

Pinterest is a goldmine for some consumer-facing brands, but do you know how to harness it? Here's Kaila Strong at Social Media Today on using Pinterest to build links and relationships with bloggers.

It’s hard to distinguish between the fads of social media from the true giants with staying power these days, as niche communities connect and grow almost overnight. One of the lucky things for those who are looking for how to link build is that we have access to great niche communities like Pinterest for free. There’s no need to buy a list or pay a fee to sign up; you just sign in and go. Major brands like Home Depot and Nordstrom are finding success on Pinterest because of its extremely active, niche fans.

The tricky thing about link building in general is that it takes a great amount of time to find a website that is not only a great fit for a brand or company, but also has great metrics and is willing to work with you (or at least hear your ideas for collaboration). Link building on Pinterest is no different: it can take a lot of time to find relevant sites and their owners, but you already have a topic of conversation lined up and you can easily be aware of what their interests are by just glancing through their pin boards. While it may take longer to find a lead, you ultimately can build a relationship more quickly because you can see a bit more of their personality before you even contact them.

So without further ado, what are some ways to find links and build relationships using Pinterest?

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