Case study: A powerful marriage of credibility and innovation

Case study: A powerful marriage of credibility and innovation
With a rich history in newspapers combined with the country's top news and information site and boasting New Zealand's largest newsroom by far, leading integrated media company Fairfax Media is in the sweet spot when it comes to marrying the credibility and trust of print media with digital innovation.

fairfax media digital innovationWith a rich history in newspapers combined with the country's top news and information site and boasting New Zealand's largest newsroom by far, leading integrated media company Fairfax Media is in the sweet spot when it comes to marrying the credibility and trust of print media with digital innovation.

With a relentless focus on delivering the content its audience wants – from breaking news and in-depth features to the latest sports, food and wine, motoring, rural and lifestyle content – Fairfax Media delivers advertisers with audiences deeply connected with the content they’re passionate about.

Fairfax is focused on delivering content in the way that best fits with the audience’s place and time. It understands the strengths of each platform and the customer behaviour associated with each, and tailors its content accordingly. Fairfax understands audiences interacts with content in different formats throughout the day – whether via the Stuff app first thing in the morning, the newspaper over breakfast, online at lunch time, or on the tablet in the evening, Fairfax has content honed to the environment of the chosen platform.

During the past year, Fairfax Media’s content co-creation strategy has gone from strength to strength. In partnership with advertisers and their agencies, Fairfax works to arrive at a creative advertising solution that delivers not only for readers, but for the advertiser.

Invest In You was a six-week series created with Kellogg’s, giving the Stuff reader an ongoing guide to living a healthier lifestyle and feeling better. The series focused on empowering readers with tools to apply in their own lives and to their own fitness regimes.

All content was provided by well-known health and fitness expert Lee-Anne Wann. Having a recognised fitness and healthy lifestyle authority, such as Wann, was crucial to the success of the series. Her understanding of the subject and readers proved invaluable and ensured the success of the entire series.

The campaign provided a strong correlation between the depth of content and ad placement on the page. With each story in the series attracting many comments, the 300 x 250 below-the-fold position performed best across the page, and exceptionally well by industry standards. The deeper the conversation with readers, the more effective relevant advertising will be.

Fairfax is committed to innovations that harness the power of its newsroom and platforms, delivering engaging content to readers and helping advertisers forge stronger connections to their target audience. In September 2012, it launched several significant projects showcasing its quality content and innovative offering to advertisers. Stuff Nation is the latest evolution of digital news in New Zealand, which will not only transform the landscape of New Zealand journalism, but the way Fairfax Digital delivers media packages in New Zealand. It builds on Stuff’s existing dominant market position as New Zealand’s largest news site with an audience of 1,106,000 per month and provides a pathway for the evolution of digital news in New Zealand.

Stuff Nation’s core features enable registered users to participate in submitting news content, compete in quiz groups, and join the Open Newsroom Network. Stuff Nation members get exclusive access to set up public profiles, choose improved newsletter options, use better commenting functionality, and save favourite stories.

This puts Stuff at the forefront of news and journalism in a digital world. It allows the number one news site to showcase more diverse, interesting content from the viewpoint of the New Zealand public, and enables the site to create and foster interest groups and communities.

Stuff Nation provides Fairfax with an enhanced ability to collect demographic and behavioural information to provide a deep and robust understanding of our audience. Advertising markets around the world are moving towards buying audiences and eyeballs rather than pages or context. Stuff Nation enhances Fairfax’s already robust audience insights and enables it to stay ahead of the game.

Fairfax Digital has selected Adobe’s AudienceManager as its new data management platform, allowing it to better segment its audience, and will be the first customer in the Asia Pacific region. With the ability to consolidate multiple data sets, Fairfax Digital will be able to deliver highly targetable segments to advertisers.

Link+ is proprietary technology developed by Fairfax Media, bringing print editorial content and advertising to life via the free Stuff app for Android and iOS. Launched in the Sunday Star-Times in September, it will be progressively rolled out across Fairfax Media’s print brands to provide readers additional rich content about the things they love.

For advertisers, it allows them to develop a deeper connection with consumers. Link+ is a unique way of extending print advertising into a digital media experience. That could be anything from an exclusive offer to a link to an online store.

From an editorial point of view the technology offers readers a chance to access previously unavailable content, from speeches, interviews, video content and photo galleries. It forges a deeper connection with the subject matter, allowing them to delve further into the topics that interest them.

Despite some commentators continuing to pontificate about the digital future of news media, Fairfax Media understands the future is already here. It understands the strengths of each platform used by audiences and the corresponding customer behaviour, and caters to it – delivering a powerful marriage of credibility and innovation across an integrated portfolio benefitting both advertisers and readers.

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