Reward platform Plenfy to launch mobile app

Reward platform Plenfy to launch mobile app

Less than a year on from launch, cloud-based customer reward and engagement programme Plenfy is on the verge of launching a dedicated app, having grown rapidly on the back of partnerships with other web services.

Plenfy bills itself as a one-stop reward and engagement system. There's the rewards and loyalty component, the core of the Plenfy brand, which launched in July; the survey and message platform; real-time ordering; and analytics to help owners find out what incentives work, who their best customers are and what rewards are outstanding.

Developer Shane Price built the product from the ground up, and says it has evolved based on feedback along the way.

“Businesses say ‘hey what about this, what about that?’, contacting us saying ‘can you do this for us?’ and that’s how we have evolved."

Of the original concept, he says: "The idea came really just with going for coffee, lunch, getting cards from everybody - your wallet gets pretty chocka with them.

"While there are other competitors out there no one was really tackling the problem for business."

Using the Plenfy mobile app, customers can pre-order items before arriving in store (then simply walk in and pick them up without waiting in line), check reward balances, find stores and use push notifications to find out about daily specials. 

"The beauty of that is from a business point of view we’re encouraging more sales as well."

The messaging feature also offers the ability to send out last-minute deals to help move stock, for instance.

"From a business point of view, if you're having a really really quiet day and you’ve produced a lot of food and it’s going to go to waste, what we can do now for a business is to send out a message to customers to say 'hey if you come in this afternoon all our food is half price'."

Plenfy can be integrated with a point-of-sale system or run independently on a tablet/computer and is one of a rapidly growing crew of Vend partners (Rebecca Donaghy, who handles Plenfy's marcomms, says B2B is a space where customers aren’t traditionally rewarded).

"It’s all about integrating with third parties," says Price, who adds that "piggybacking" has enabled them to reach more customers.

Businesses using Plenfy range from a logistics freight company in Australia to a car wash company in the US and even a shoe shine company in Dubai, as well as clothing retailers, cafes, and others both domestically and further afield (Canada, the UK). Plenfy is currently expanding its sales team and now has various international resellers onboard.

Price originally envisioned the product being used by retailers, cafes, and takeaway shops, but says there's been interest from some "really unique" customers, as well as B2B companies. 

The business model is based on monthly subscriptions, with packages starting from $39 plus GST per month covering 1,000 transactions.

"Someone comes in to get a coffee – that’s a transaction. If a message is sent to a customer offering some kind of special, that’s a transaction," explains Price.

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