Get thee along to SMCAKL. You know you want to

Get thee along to SMCAKL. You know you want to

A bit of a public service announcement and trumpet blowing: Social Media Club is on Wednesday at Vodafone Auckland (click here for details) where a smarty-pants panel, including Idealog's editor, will be talking social media – what works to generate buzz, and what doesn't? They'll be covering the good, the bad, the line-crossing, the paid for, and other bits like pitching journos and Twitterati and fessing up to freebies.

On the panel:

Deborah Pead of Pead PR, the mastermind behind the My Food Bag company launch

Idealog editor and journalist Hazel Phillips, who recently blogged about how bad PR is killing all the fluffy kittens, and how marketing My Food Bag via Twitter was the perfect way to get scale and talkability

Senior NZ Herald writer David Fisher, who frequently tweets his commentary on all things media, sparking topical conversation threads with other journalists and PRs