Review: Imperial Lane's hot dogs are delicious, nuff' said

Hot dogs aren't the kind of food one would associate with classiness, but Imperial Lane's new hot dog stand goes a long way towards making it into a genuine cuisine experience.

The mobile hot dog stand opened last week, and serves wieners from Sean Marshall, the head chef at Roxy and Everybody's bar. Last night I took a lady friend to partake in some tubular dining, reviewing the dogs while I was there.

We ordered two hot dogs ($9.80 each), a plate of fries and a diet Coke - with the entire meal coming to around $33.

Unlike most other hot dogs, Imperial Lane's come in flavours beyond the anonymous meat products held within. I picked the Marrakesh, which has merguez sausage, spicy eggplant relish, and a mint slaw; while my partner in indigestion chose the Polser, which contains a pork sausage, crispy fried onion, and pickled cucumber.

The hot dogs were cooked right in front of us on a BBQ at the front or back of the restaurant (it's really hard to tell which is which at Imperial Lane). BBQ smoke wafted through the premises, making what is usually a very swanky place smell like a school sausage sizzle. 

It was barely a 10 minute wait for our food to arrive, and after a couple of Instagram foodie snaps, we digged in. 

The Marrakesh is a playful take on the Middle Eastern palette , a taste journey from the savoury of Istanbul to the sweet of Beirut.  The Polser is the classic man's hot dog, that is if that man wore a monocle and had interests in interior design. The meat is strong, but not gamey, and complimented well by the pickled cucumber which takes a bite out of you when you take a bite out of it. 

The hot dogs are reasonably sized, but not exactly filling by themselves. The bowl of fries really saved the day.

Imperial Lane's hot dogs make for a good, if expensive, snack in the city, perfect for a quirky date or interesting business meeting.

Deliciousness: Severely delicious

Price: If you think it's expensive, you're probably not the right clientele anyway 

Sim Factor: Classiest hot dogs I've ever eaten, and that's saying something