DUB Pies trucking along

In New Zealand, you can get a pie almost anywhere, anytime (though admittedly it's getting harder these days to find a good one). Not so in New York. For the past five years, Down Under Bakery (DUB) Pies has been serving up Kiwi style pies and flat whites in the Big Apple from its Brooklyn cafe, and the next step is, of course, its very own food truck. 

If you want to help founder Gareth Hughes and co achieve their goal, here's your chance. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign and donate $5, $10 or whatever you see fit. $50 or more gets you your name plastered on the side of the truck among other things, and for $5,000 you'll get a pie named in your honour, as well as a bunch of other freebies.

"We have the truck. We have the permit. But that’s taken up a lot of our capital, so we are turning to our community of pie-loving friends via Kickstarter to invest in the future of pie."

DUB Pies has a pizza truck that needs refitting, so it's looking to raise nearly $30,000 by March 23 to kit it out.

"Few foods are better suited to food trucks than our meat (or vege) pies. The portable pie is the perfect street and event food, and once upon a time, the humble kiwi “pie cart” was ubiquitous. We believe pies are just as suited to the streets and events of New York City, and deserve to be equally ubiquitous."

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