Case study: Brand the content, TVNZ-style

Case study: Brand the content, TVNZ-style
There’s no doubt that Kiwis love their TV ads – watching them, sharing them and talking about them. But when a product needs serious cut-through, branded content can be the perfect solution, as it was for these companies that partnered with TVNZ.

There’s no doubt that Kiwis love their TV ads – watching them, sharing them and talking about them. But when a product needs serious cut-through, branded content can be the perfect solution, as it was for these companies that partnered with TVNZ.

The 30-second TV spot remains the cornerstone of television advertising, and there’s no sign Kiwis are going to stop watching, talking about and sharing their favourite ads. Nielsen ratings show more than 95 percent of Kiwis have watched TV in the last week, and they’re spending more time with it than any other medium – on average 21 hours and 19 minutes across a week.

But visual engagement continues to grow beyond traditional television sets. The time Kiwis spend online searching, watching and being entertained is increasing. In fact, television and the internet in New Zealand are the only two media that have seen increases in time spent with them over the past five years.

While this has been great for consumers’ ability to access media on-the-go, marketers are finding it more challenging to connect with audiences in an increasingly fragmented media landscape. It’s a challenge TVNZ has embraced.

“There are many ways for advertisers to create inventive and original campaigns either on-air, online or on mobile,” says TVNZ general manager of media solutions Sean O’Donnell. “Brands can tell their story in an environment that suits them and their customers. They are no longer relegated to the space merely surrounding content, they are the content.”

TVNZ designs and creates immersive experiences that engage viewers and drive results for advertisers. As the market leader, TVNZ Media Solutions’ business mix continues to evolve from selling traditional television sponsorship opportunities to creating and delivering cross-platform branded content solutions.

“Our clients and agencies demand new opportunities, so we work with them to deliver best-in-class integration,” O’Donnell says.

“As a result, we have significantly increased our media solutions resources, including the creation of a new production funding team to identify, create and deliver integrated programming opportunities across all
our platforms. We expect 2013 to be a breakthrough year in terms of the number and quality of opportunities available.”

Branded content opportunities can now achieve a far greater level of integration across multiple platforms. Through these partnerships the Media Solutions unit has brought to market ground-breaking solutions including Mitre 10 Easy As, Health Fix and The Extra Mile, with more to come in 2013.

With new home building consents down 26 percent over the past year, Mitre 10 was seeing a decline in the home building trade.

“The recession meant disposable income was declining, increasing time spent in the home, but we found a whole generation of Kiwis who were losing the knowledge to DIY,” says Mitre 10 general manager of marketing Dave Elliott. Mitre 10 Easy As was TVNZ and DraftFCB’s answer to that problem.

Working in partnership with DraftFCB, the Media Solutions team developed Easy As, a content-based through-the-line solution where DIY tasks were showcased through TVCs and step-by-step guides on the web. The approach was supported by in-store integration including POS displays, staff training, demos and events.

“The Easy As partnership is still in early days, but we’re seeing double-digit growth in sales of products associated with the topics covered on the show,” Elliott says. “The partnership with TVNZ has been hugely valuable in a tough market.”

Traditional liquor outlets have seen their market eaten away by supermarkets and declining sales of spirits. Lion Nathan was looking for a unique solution to revive consumer interest in spirits. The Media Solutions team found at-home consumption of alcohol was on the rise in the wake of the global financial crisis, but people lacked the confidence or knowledge to mix their own drinks. This insight led to the creation of The Mix, a branded content platform – including TVCs, a website, digital and text marketing, and in-store brands – that taught viewers how to mix their own drinks at home. Results have been outstanding, reversinga category decline and turning it into increases of between 40 and 300 percent in sales per month over the two years the campaign has been active.

u by kotex tvnz sponsorship

As a challenger brand in a highly competitive category, U by Kotex needed to stand out from the crowd to connect with its market, 15-to-24-year-old women. TVNZ’s popular show Go Girls was the perfect place to reach and engage that audience. Over three seasons, TVNZ worked to develop a partnership that evolved from a standard sponsorship opportunity to a dual screen content integration across TV, online and mobile. TVNZ took the international brand assets and customised them to the Go Girls show, engaging the local audience, while the dual screen allowed viewers to engage in real time during episodes. A related weekly competition drove engagement and attracted thousands of entries over the 13-week season.

“The outcome of our sponsorship of Go Girls has been positive on many levels,” says Julie McNae, U by Kotex marketing manager.

“We’ve seen a 28 percent increase in positive effect on the brand, and a 15.5 percent increase in the target market for likelihood to purchase since our partnership with Go Girls began.

“The sponsorship and integration has been hugely valuable for us in this highly competitive market.”


Sean O’Donnell, general manager, media solutions, on (09) 916 7217 or Sean.O’

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