Agony Lance: Next big thing

 We’ve got Windows 8, iPhone 5, SG3, the new GoPro, the iPad Mini, you name it. Can you check out your crystal ball and tell us what’s the next big thing on the horizon? – Mike Maloney

It’s delightful to see that Microsoft and Google have finally come to the party with the Microsoft Surface range and the Nexus 10. They match Apple in at least some areas, with the Nexus 10’s 300dpi screen resolution and the Microsoft Surface attempting to combine tablet and PC experiences.

Windows 8 and its successors finally provide a decent counterpunch to Apple’s OSX, which was introduced more than 11 years ago, while Android devices come of age.

The version of the new GoPro camera records 4k video, albeit at very slow 15fps frame rates. That’s like an 8-megapixel photo shot 15 times per second, and in pixels that’s larger than the 5-megapixel screen of the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina laptop.

The rise of screen resolution is fantastic, and we can expect to see increasingly higher resolutions on our screens of all sizes. That process still has a few years to play out.

Speaking in the longer term, the largest trend to watch out for is the one to electric and autonomous cars, which will truly transform society. There’s also the increasing number of sensors on ourselves and in the environment around us.