Activism for smartasses

You've got your lumberjack shirt and Almanzo Wilder beard. Now accessorise with a hip social campaign to make the world a happier place.

idealog activism for smartassesYou’ve got your lumberjack shirt and Almanzo Wilder beard, now accessorise with a hip social campaign to make the world a happier place. Here’s a couple of hot tickets

Sticker up the town.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, artist Cindy Chang printed a whole lot of stickers featuring the phrase ‘I WISH THIS WAS...’ and a blank space. She left them on vacant stores and abandoned houses around the city. Responses ranged from the practical (‘a farmer’s market with fresh veggies and pumpkin pie’) to the smartass (‘Brad Pitt’s house’, ‘Hogwarts’). Meanwhile, the project has taken off around the world – you can get stickers yourself.

DIY guerilla bicycle lanes.

Sick of not getting any room on the street during your morning pedal to work on your fixie bike? A bunch of cyclists overseas have got their angry pants on and started stencilling the universal ‘bicycle lane’ outline onto roads they feel could use a bit of faux-legal bike space. They recommend doing it at night to avoid arrest. For bonus points, install signage!

Join a Transition Town.

Far from your garden-variety hippies, these guys have figured out that at some point in the future we’ll all need to use up a bit less than we do now–less energy, less petrol, less land-intensive food crops – when the world hits Peakverything. This cool neighbourhood movement is about coming up with better ways of doing things, learning some new skills, and getting people to meet the folks next door.

Tag along with some other activists.

Greenpeace ain’t all there is as far as saving the outdoors goes. For example, you could protest the creation of an 11.3km bus tunnel between Glenorchy and Milford Sound – that’s underneath the South Island’s only World Heritage Site. Oscar- winning director Jane Campion has already taken to the trenches along with a bunch of Glenorchy locals.

Illustrations: Roseanne Kenny

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