Book review: Authorpreneurship - the business of creativity

Reckon you've got a book (or two) inside you but just not sure how to get them out or what to do with them once they've broken free?

Authorpreneurship: The business of creativity
Hazel Edwards (Keesing Press, 2012) $24.95

authorpreneurship book reviewReckon you’ve got a book (or two) inside you, but just not sure how to get them out, or what to do with them once they’ve broken free? Publishing is a tough game and there’s not much money in it. With the digital revolution upon us and less money in books than ever before, it’s imperative that authors (and aspiring authors) make the leap into being authorpreneurs. That is, authors who know how to get out and promote their work and make the most of their written assets.

Today’s creative workers need to be both entrepreneur and author – on one hand, they’re creating words and images for their audience, but on the other hand they’re also adept at marketing and publicising their work, as well as the technological, legal and entrepreneurial sides of the business.

It’s not enough any more just to be a good writer – you have to be your own brand and your own business, too.

This is a guide to the business of creativity, covering how to build your author brand, networking in person and online, writing proposals and costing your time. It looks at a couple of case studies and some hypothetical scenarios, and scatters the text with tips and hints. Best case example for authors who market their brand well? Australian author writer and beauty editor Zoe Foster (@zotheysay), a one-woman brand, with everything from mass media columns to fiction, non-fiction and online publishing, as well as social media to the hilt.

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