Kiwi Kickstarter idea Yolkr sucks yolks

yolkr kickstarterThose splitting hairs over the best way to separate egg yolks from whites, wonder no more – the Yolkr is here, and raising funds on Kickstarter after six months spent perfecting the design.

Auckland-based Hamish Dobbie’s quirky and colourful product removes the egg yolk from the white in a simple, no mess manner that anyone can master on their first attempt. A simple squeeze sucks the egg yolk up into the Yolkr, separating it completely from the white and holding it in place until it can be deposited elsewhere or, in the sad case of the extremely health conscious, disposed of. Featuring a range of bright colours, compact size, and a sleek shape, the Yolkr ticks all the aesthetic boxes, as well as being dishwasher safe.

yolkr kickstarterDobbie is a mechanical engineer with experience in product development and food industry plants and processes. According to Dobbie, the idea for the Yolkr came to him while watching a friend struggle to fish the broken shell out of an omelette. Like every practical minded Kiwi bloke, Dobbie saw a problem and set about finding a solution.

Launched less than a week ago, the Yolkr has just passed Dobbie’s pledge goal of £15,000 by March 10 and is patent pending and design registered. It's a shining example of Kiwi ingenuity that looks sure to find its place as the art of baking makes a comeback.  

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