Inspiring creative action at I Like I Wonder

How does a series of events designed to inspire creative thought and action sound? I Like I Wonder is a brand new Wellington initiative focused on sharing wisdom and new insight with like-minded creatives.

I Like I Wonder will host talks from visiting international speakers at Awayday, followed by in-depth and hands-on workshops. All events are kept to a limit of 30 attendees ensuring that workshops remain focused and each individual has the opportunity to learn from and converse with the visiting speaker. According to organisers, the goal behind the project is to "stretch the current event format into creative action".

I Like I Wonder will host an event with a different speaker each month. Speakers are selected based on their unique personal experiences and their creative pedigree.  Though the project is still in its infancy, if the model is successful organisers will be looking to replicate it elsewhere.

The inaugural event features Dennis Hodges and is entitled, ‘We’re Analog Creatures’. Hodges is originally from Kansas and currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Over the last thirty years he has led strategic and creative marketing initiatives for a number of entertainment companies.

Hodges believes that the ever-increasing use of electronics in our daily lives has reinforced the logical thinking side of our brains and as a result our creativity is waning. He will discuss the crucial need to nurture ones creativity and suggest ways to reconnect with the right side of our brains. He is particularly passionate about this relationship, recently having launched Creatalyst, a creative thinking app for the iPad, suggesting logic and creativity are not mutually exclusive, but do need a little help getting along.

The organisers behind I Like I Wonder are DK and Matthew Ellingsen. DK (yes, just a D and a K) is a speaker, author and social media advisor, and the guy who brought TEDx to Wellington last year. In early 2006 he founded MediaSnackers, a company that provides social media training and consulting for clients such as UNICEF and BBC. Ellingsen is one of the founders of consulting firm Empathy.

DK and Ellingsen met through mutual friends and immediately discovered a shared desire to explore creativity, design, innovation and effectiveness amongst other things. DK adds that as they both hail from the South of Wales, "It was only a matter of time before we found something to work together on."

According to DK, years of attending conferences left him with a sense that something was missing. He wanted to create a new event format, which enabled people to immediately put to use the insight they had just been given from a speaker.

"I’m acutely aware that the ideas I share could sound great but in practice need more time to be cultivated and applied."

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