The most expensive socks in the world? Kiwi deer fibre pulls in the pounds

New Zealand deer fibre makes up the key component in the world’s most exclusive sock (and quite possibly the most expensive ever), launched this month by Harry’s of London.

deer fibre socks most expensive in the worldGrown in New Zealand on farmed red deer, Cervelt (pronounced Cher-velt) is a natural textile that's lighter and softer than cashmere, developed by Kiwi company Douglas Creek. It's used in luxury scarves and jackets but this is the first time it has been used for socks.

A pair of the new Cervelt socks will set you back a heart-stopping £895 in total, given that just 25 grams of fibre is collected from each animal.

Back in 2010 Rodarte released a pair of US $500 socks – which now positively pales in comparison.

The Cervelt socks have a limited production run of just 100 pairs.  Douglas Creek managing director Bert McGhee says the fibre took 12 years to bring to market.
"There is nothing else like it in the world. It leaves cashmere and vicuna in its wake, and can’t be beaten for lightness and softness. Its amazing qualities and the fact that it is available in such limited amounts makes it highly sought-after and very special.”

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