So long, and thanks for all the fish

If, indeed, the world ends at some point today, 2012 was at least none too shabby at Idealog central. We nabbed some shiny plaques at the Magazine Awards (designer of the year, mag of the year, columnist of the year and cover of the year in our category), clocked up over a million page views, and rounded it off by hiring a hotshot tech editor at the start of December.

We'll be hanging out the Gone Fishin' sign this afternoon and signing off for 2012. But before we do, here's a rundown of our top stories this year. Among them were:

Coke gets personal - quite possibly the biggest marketing campaign of the year, in which Coca-Cola slapped a bunch of names on bottles and cans, pandering to our inherent love of personalisation

Five ways to get the most out of Google Plus- G+ guru Trey Ratcliffe shared a few insider tips with us

Facebook admins beware - Anna Gervai's warning for brands on the biggest social network of all

Bringing back the toilet paper dresses - Kleenex and Fashion Week teamed up again to push the boundaries of design

Rethinking design with Tim Brown- The public face of IDEO on creativity, originality and the data dilemma

Huffer founder launches new label - Dan Buckley's new fashion offering, Thing Thing

Air NZ embraces its dark side - Our national airline harnessed the talents of Designworks and Kris Sowersby to revamp its look

The magazine showcases outstanding writing every issue, and this year, some old Idealog features enjoyed new life online - our 2006 interview with Margaret Mahy, for example, in the wake of her passing, and our dummy's guide to the Hobbit dispute from issue 31 last year, as more controversies erupted around Peter Jackson's new baby. More specifically, the print features that proved the greatest hits in 2012 were:

New model airforce- Vaughn Davis' feature on Wellington's Wingnut Wings, a world-beating Peter-Jackson owned company

Chastity chastisement - Another Vaughn special, in which former Telecom head of marketing Kieren Cooney spilled the beans on that infamous pink fist

The kings of hospitality – Editor Hazel Phillips met the quintet behind quiet overachievers Pack & Company

SmallWorlds after all - Simon Pound profiled the pair behind SmallWorlds, one of our untold growth stories

See you on the other side for a new year of innovation and fresh ideas.

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