Hmm, very Pinteresting...

So you're all over Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn like a fat kid on cake. But what's the next social media thing to look out for?
how to use pinterest for business

So you’re all over Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn like a fat kid on cake. But what’s the next social media thing to look out for? By all accounts, Pinterest is on the rise, and it’s particularly popular among women.

Worldwide, Pinterest visitors are at least 70 percent women, mostly under 45 years old. In the early days of Pinterest, women made up 97 percent of visitors.

In contrast though, the majority of Pinterest users in the UK are men (56 percent male versus 44 percent female). Who knew?

It’s thought the social media platform is engaging and retaining users two to three times more effectively than Twitter was at its rise.

What’s more, users are spending more time on the platform – an average of one hour and 17 minutes, compared to Twitter (36 minutes), LinkedIn (17 minutes) and Google+ (a sad six minutes). The average user spends 98 minutes per month on the site – compared to two and a half hours on Tumblr and seven hours on.

Interests vary between the UK and US; in the US the main domains are crafts, gifts, leisure, interior design and fashion, while in the UK, it’s venture capital, SEO/marketing, blogging resources and web analytics.

How do you get traction on Pinterest? Build your board with great images and topics and make sure you know your defined area and curate that. Use it for research and follow brands you can learn from or you aspire to. And remember the golden rule: to link all your pins back to your website and other social media!

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