Telly survey finds Kiwis have a new national pastime

The latest Canstar Blue survey on television habits has bad news for TV advertisers.

nzers changing tv habitsThe latest Canstar Blue survey on television habits has bad news for TV advertisers.

More than three-quarters of the 587 respondents avoided watching ads and 31 percent recorded TV and fast-forwarded through them.

Adding to the advertisers' woes, an increasing number of those surveyed were choosing to watch their favourite shows online – a fifth of respondents watch more programmes online than on their TV.

Canstar’s Derek Bonnar said new technology and services have completely changed the way household interact with their televisions.

“How we watch television is changing. While viewing hours aren’t changing much, dodging advertisements appears to be a bit of a national pastime,” said Bonnar.

“Online or on-demand content is proving popular too, especially with younger audiences. 

“Nearly 20 percent overall said they watch more content online than on television, but this rose to 35 percent of people aged between 18 and 29,” he said.

In fact, a quarter of Gen Y-ers use their TV more for gaming than watching shows.

This clearly presents a challenge to the advertising industry in that this ever-reliable advertising medium, beamed into crowded lounges, could be on the wane.

Despite what may be seen as a move away from traditional interactions with TVs, the survey also found a surge in television sales before the digital switchover.

Last year's Rugby World Cup and the intense retail price competition were seen as reasons why more than 40 percent of those surveyed had three or more TVs in their house.

Demographic breakdowns

Respondents who say they watch more content online than on TV

Respondents who say they avoid ads as much as possible

Respondents who say they MySky shows and fast-forward ads

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