As NZ goes digital, TV recycling scheme announced

nz national tv recycling schemeYou've seen the Going Digital telly ads. You know what you need to do to keep your TV on. And now the government has announced a national scheme to encourage the recycling of unwanted televisions and raise investment in New Zealand’s electronic recycling capacity.

The TV TakeBack programme aims to divert up to 500,000 televisions from going to landfill in an initiative that involves the government partnering with a range of recyclers and retailers to provide a nationwide network of subsidised options.

With Hawke's Bay and the West Coast the first regions to go digital this week, they will be the first involved in the programme’s implementation.

Until March, the cost to recycle unwanted televisions in Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast will be subsidised, however there will be a free period in those regions between October 13-28 where no drop off fees will apply.

The TV TakeBack programmewill then be rolled out around the rest of New Zealand to coincide with the digital switchover in each region.

The programme will also help educate people about the benefits of recycling and lay the foundation for a more permanent solution for electronic waste.

Residents in each region will be advised of the various recycling options via a local promotional campaign in newspapers, radio and online.

“A greater understanding of the need to recycle unwanted televisions and how to go about it is essential. Televisions pose a threat to the environment if they are disposed of in landfills or dumped elsewhere," says environment minister Amy Adams.

“The recycled material has a variety of uses. For example, glass from a television screen can be transformed into bunker sand for golf courses.”

Televisions dropped off for recycling are taken to national recycling facilities where they are taken apart. Components are recycled locally or sent to specialist facilities overseas.

The programme is being funded via the government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. Money for the Waste Minimisation Fund comes from a waste levy charged on material disposed of at landfills.

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