Three things you can dispose of sustainably

Three things you can dispose of sustainably
Done and dusted with that old jumper, toothbrush or lipstick? Here are some you can dispose of without hurting the earth.

Your toothbrush

Apparently New Zealanders throw away about six million toothbrushes annually – that’s about 44 elephants’ weight in rubbish. Go Bamboo toothbrushes are here to save the day – the handle is made of, yep, panda food, and the bristles are biodegradable nylon. Chuck it in the compost heap afterwards or (like one fan) nail it into the lawn like a tent peg for the worms to chew. No elephants involved! Get them here.

Your old jumper

So you wore that sweater every day for six weeks when you got kidnapped by Somali pirates and now it’s got awkward holes everywhere and you really can’t justify taking it out of the house. Well, luckily you bought a pure wool one, because now you can lay it to rest in your lawn. Clearly wanting to prove a point, New Zealand Merino Company researchers buried merino and polyester fabrics and dug them up occasionally to see how they were getting on. After nine months, the merino had lost up to 99 percent of its mass, while the polyester hadn’t degraded in the slightest. Creepy.

Your lipstick (OK, or your partner's lipstick, if you're of the male persuasion)

When you’ve reached the end of your Ravishing Red or Chaste Cherry, what do you do with it? Bin no more! Kiwi entrepreneur Karen Murrell has come up with a range of lipsticks that are packaged in compostable canisters, so you can plant them in the garden when you’re done and dream about them growing into big, fruity lipstick trees. (Or maybe that’s just us.) 

Got smart ideas for disposing of everyday household items in a sustainable manner? Post them below.

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