Lindauer launches new-look bottles alongside weepy manvertising ad

Lindauer and its new ad agency DDB fight for female freedom by showing hapless, weeping men. BYO tissues, unless you're a VIP media type

In the world of advertising, the portrayal of men often tends to be split into two major stereotypical categories: the hyper-masculine, sex-fuelled, beer chugging, sport-loving creature or the hapless, helpless dunce who's seemingly incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks without the help of a female. Of course, there are many exceptions to that rule, but both ends of this spectrum are often seen as being low hanging fruit. But, as part of Lindauer's Girls' Night Out campaign, Lion and DDB have picked that fruit, squeezed the juice, put it into a bottle, given it a good shake and launched a 90 second TVC by the Roadmap Institute called 'Don't Worry Boys'.

DDB won the Lindauer brand, which is thought to be Lion's third biggest trademark behind Speight's and Steinlager, without a pitch around one year ago. And at the time, managing director Justin Mowday said: "Lindauer is already New Zealand’s number one bubbly, it’s 100 percent produced in our own country, and there’s huge potential to grow it even further both on and off-shore." 

Enter this campaign, which is "all about handing girls back their freedom, facilitating a great night out and making sure those boys at home survive to hear the stories". 

As it says on the website, a recent (non-attributed) survey found that, "despite the fun loving, carefree attitude Kiwi women possess, most New Zealand women feel like they weren't getting enough nights out with their friends". Lindauer felt that just wasn't on so with DDB and Danish director William Stahl, "the master of pulling down the pants of the modern man", they created a completely over the top TVC that plays on the fact that "as much as guys hate to admit it, they’re a little bit hopeless when their loved one leaves them to their own devices, even for just a night" and, like the recent P&G Olympic campaign in support of mums, targets the people who generally buy the stuff (we can't help but imagine the level of teeth gnashing if, for example, a beer brand released an ad showing females crying over their socialising men and struggling to operate the microwave, but that's another academic paper altogether).

Lion appears to be ready for some strong feedback on the campaign and says "the controversial advertisement will have everyone talking from the moment it launches" on 16 September.

The campaign stretches across a  range of different media, from a champagne fountain with a twist at the 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty Style Weekend, through to a whole new look and the first ever National Girl's Night Out on 9 November. And the PR component of the launch saw select media (including Idealog) receive a box of 'tissues for men'. Worrying but true.

This story originally appeared on StopPress.

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