Disappointed IP lawyer buys firm, brings wheelchair car to market

What's the secret hiding in this unique-looking car? There's a wheelchair inside and the whole shebang is incredibly user-friendly.

Intellectual property lawyer Stacy Zoern was born with spinal muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair to get around her hometown in the US. When she needs a lift, she calls her friends.

A few years ago she heard about a small electric car designed to be wheelchair accessible and called the company – based in Hungary – to buy one. But the company's bank loan had fallen through and it halted production as soon as the prototype had been completed.

Zoern was still keen, so she raised US$2.5 million from private investors and bought the company herself.

Now the car – called the Kenguru – is on the market. The back hatch pops up when the user presses a remote control, a ramp pops out and the wheelchair user can roll into the driver's seat. 

Motorcycle-style handbars are used to accelerate and turn.

Now Zoern expects the cars to be available in the States within the next year.