Can you handle Owen Glenn?

When Owen Glenn's much-talked about book Making A Difference came out in July this year, it seemed like you couldn't switch on the TV or open a paper without seeing his face or hearing his name.

Sold as "how one New Zealander created a global business and his thoughts on the country's direction" and with one five-star review on, when a review copy arrived at Idealog HQ, one punter put their hand up to give it the once-over.

It's been a few months now but our hardy reviewer finally came back with a verdict. A brief verdict at that, for it fit on a sole Post-It note:

For those who can't read the script, the review goes like this:

"I could not finish this. All I can say is, Owen Glenn and Winston Peters have at least one thing in common – a lot of words to say very little."

As excellent as we think that sentence is, we're opening it up to Idealog readers who reckon they might be able to finish the book, take one for the team, and write us a review on their own Post-It note. Good, bad or ugly – we want one reader to tell us what they think.

If you're keen, leave a comment below telling us who you'd like to see Owen Glenn and Winston Peters take on in a debate and we'll pick one unlucky reader to review it. We send you the book, you send us the Post-It. Too easy.