Coke gets personal: is your name one of the 150?

Coke gets personal: is your name one of the 150?

Coke nz name bottlesAs brands go, it doesn't get much more multinational than Coca-Cola. But the soft drink giant is getting down with the locals from today, with new bottles on sale from today featuring 150 first names on its famous red labels including Rangi, Hemi, Tamati, Tavita, Sione and Aroha.

Government records were pored over in order to select consistently popular New Zealand names (Jess and Josh were among the most popular), and additional Census data plus input from Maori, Pacific and Asian community groups ensured a spread of extra monikers reflecting our ethnic mix.

You can see all 150 names here.

The multi-million dollar Share a Coke spring campaign by Ogilvy also extends to its cans, which will invite consumers to share Cokes with their mates and bros.

A three-month calendar of nationwide activity includes interactive kiosks that will deliver more than 100,000 personalised Coke bottles and cans through shopping centres and universities, as well as specific grocery-based activations to drive consumers in-store; TV commercials;  out-of-home and targeted proximity advertising to support key Coke retail partners; and a digital campaign, including apps to share virtual Cokes. 

“This is a playful social invitation to Kiwis that puts them front and centre using the power of the first name,” says Brid Drohan-Stewart, Coca-Cola sparkling beverages marketing manager.

“Inspiring Kiwis to connect and re-connect is at the heart of this campaign. Even if they can’t get everyone together face-to-face we want to facilitate sharing online and capture great stories about how Kiwis are connecting over a Coke."

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