$1m boost for 10 recycling projects

$1m boost for 10 recycling projects

More than $1 million has been doled out to 10 projects that will reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfills, under the latest round of the Waste Minimisation Fund.

LoveNZ recyclingRecipients include the Glass Packaging Forum, which will introduce a public place recycling programme.
The Forum receives $200,000 to install 190 permanent recycling bins at garage forecourts, shopping malls, retail outlets and other public buildings around the country. The bins will be serviced by the private sector.

CID Resource Recycling receives $370,000 to create a facility in Auckland that will sort both treated and untreated waste wood and process it into material that can be used as bio fuel.

The Kaikoura Enhancement Trust will use $52,000 to design and build a glass-sorting facility, which will turn about 425 tonnes of glass into glass products each year.

And RVP Resource Group will receive $67,000 to set up a project that collects food waste from businesses for composting, increase public awareness of the importance of composting and provide educational resources for schools.


Organisation: CID Resource Recycling Limited
Region: Auckland
Funding: $370,000
CID Resource Recovery Ltd works to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. Based in Onehunga, the organisation processes all forms of treated and untreated wood to create a biofuel.

Organisation: Glass Packaging Forum
Region: Nationwide
Funding: $200,000
The Glass Packaging Forum will build on the success of the existing Love NZ project by extending the Love NZ public place recycling programme to the commercial sector. The project will provide seed funding to install 190 permanent recycling bins at garage forecourts, shopping malls, retail outlets and other public buildings around the country. The bins will be serviced by the private sector and the project is supported by local authorities who are keen to have the commercial sector take responsibility for waste.

Organisation: Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust
Region: Nationwide
Funding: $110,000
Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust will conduct a pilot study to determine the effectiveness of a portable school classroom to encourage students and communities to dispose of their waste responsibly.

Organisation: 42Collective Incorporated
Region: Nationwide
Funding: $92,500
42Collective works to incentivise and promote awareness of the benefits associated with sustainable business practice (including waste minimisation) in New Zealand's hospitality sector. The award-winning Conscious Consumers programme is expanding beyond its current focus on cafes to include restaurants, bars and caterers.

Organisation: RVP Resource Group Limited
Region: Auckland
Funding: $67,000
RVP Resource Group will divert food waste from landfill by increasing public awareness of the benefits of recovering this resource and offering a commercial collection service to compost. It will also develop educational resources to promote composting to school children.

Organisation: Kaikoura Enhancement Trust
Region: Canterbury
Funding: $52,000
The Kaikoura Enhancement Trust will provide a recycling solution for glass. It will design and build a glass sorting facility, so that about 425 tonnes of glass can be recycled into glass products every year.

Organisation: AgRecovery Foundation
Region: Nationwide
Funding: $50,000
The Agrecovery Foundation will work with key stakeholders to find ways to improve the cost effectiveness, efficiency and environmentally-sound management of waste agricultural chemicals and their containers in New Zealand.

Organisation: OCS Limited
Region: Nationwide
Funding: $45,000
OCS Limited aims to identify and develop best practice, sustainable waste and recycling management solutions for large, high-use facilities (airports, universities) and develop a tool-kit that provides benchmarks, guidelines and practical tools to help them minimise their waste.

Organisation: Flight Plastics Ltd
Region: Wellington
Funding: $30,000
Flight Plastics will develop a business model and assess the economic viability of installing a Wellington based plant to recycle post-consumer PET plastic. The study will develop a cost benefit analysis to recycle PET for re-use in manufacturing Flight's own plastic packaging products.

Organisation: Xtreme Waste Incorporated Society
Region: Waikato
Funding: $18,000
Xtreme Waste Incorporated Society will conduct trials to test and refine the practical options for organic waste collections and processing in Whaingaroa.  The trials will be based on the recommendations of the feasibility study partially funded by the Waste Minimisation Fund in 2010/11.

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