The Bumblebee Tour: Vegas baby!

The Bumblebee Tour: Vegas baby!

There's no place quite like the USA – and entrepreneur Jenene Crossan hopes to find some like minds over there.

Jenene Crossan bumblebee pilgrimageCreativity is a fickle friend.  There’s a fine line with sleep deprivation between insanity and genius where ideas can burgeon. 

At the time of writing this, the only creative idea I could fathom was one that involved my eyelids being firmly shut for more than two hours at a time. 

The trip up to Las Vegas was an enormous amount of fun.  On arrival to the airport we were greeted by some stunningly coordinated outfits and promptly I felt a little naughty for not having put in enough effort to play in the party part of this trip of mine.  Thankfully I’m a relatively prepared Girl Scout and managed to pull out of my bag not just one, but two reasonably inappropriate dresses (read: black, short and tight) that could pass with bunny ears as playboy outfits for Rochelle and I.

A bouquet toss (one lucky newly introduced couple are tying the knot while they’re there), many photos with our fellow travellers and a hair-of-the-dog beverage later and we were wheels up and on our way.  Much camaraderie and frivolity amongst the passengers made for a great party on board that – at our end of the plane anyhow (read: the slightly more well-behaved Premium Economy and Business Class travellers) – finished up at a not-inappropriate time and we were able to tuck into a nice four or so hour kip.

Huge credit must be given to the grabaseat team who were able to accommodate my needs with a silly sciatic nerve issue.  In fact, the entire Air New Zealand crew (pilots included) were in such great spirits and really got into it.  They were fun, polite and incredibly diplomatic – considering the level of hijinks on board!

On arrival to Vegas we were met with a consistent 43-degree heat – eyeball-burning stuff!  Twenty-four hours in Vegas consisted of swimming, checking out the strip, napping, a Cirque show, and dancing on the 55th floor until 2am. 

Next stop: San Fran to start the Bumblebee mission!

Jenene Crossan is the founder of, online research company 18 Ltd, developed Australasia's first female-centric masthead ad network and earlier this year relaunched as a vanity club (a quiet-time appointments website for the hair and beauty industry). She is also a director of bespoke email advertising product Actual Dialogue, has won accolades throughout the world and developed a solid reputation for being an opinionated bossy-britches unwilling to sit still

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