Bottoms up – tackling festival wastage with the Globelet

The Globelet, a reusable cupAnyone who's ever been to a concert or festival knows just what a heinous mess is left behind after the event wraps up. And an Otago student is on a one-man mission to tackle this waste.

Ryan Everton, 20, is hoping to get rid of PET bottles and disposable cups from landfills and improve waste reduction nationwide through his company Valueroad’s first product, the Globelet.

Everton designed the reusable, recyclable polypropylene (plastic) cup with the needs of festivals and events in mind. His aim was to do away with the “single-use waste” of cups used at these events.

“It’s just as nice and strong as a normal cup, but it takes away having to use disposable cups for a lot of festivals and events,” says Everton.

The cup can be taken home from the festival or event and used again, and washed up to 1000 times.

Everton says the idea originally came from his French girlfriend, who had never seen disposable cups used at festivals back home. She also came up with the name Globelet, a play on the word 'goblet' (which coincidentally, is also French for 'plastic cup').

While products like the KeepCup are similar, Everton says the Globelet is more of a “souvenir option” for festivals and events that can be customised with a sponsor logo, and is designed specifically for the festival atmosphere.

He also plans to use a bond system to help make fans more aware of the waste that’s created at these events. When punters buy their first drink, they pay an extra $2 for it, which they can get back if they return the cup at the end of the event. Alternatively, they can keep the cup as a souvenir.

Everton says the one-off extra fee is the “ecological value” of the cup.

“This is a major part of the company as it makes people more aware about waste and [it] makes them directly involved,” he says.

Everton began the project three months ago, but things are already heating up for the Otago University student. The first batch of Globelets arrives next week for use at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr stadium, and the product was recently named a top 40 winner in Otago University’s Audacious business challenge.

He also has his sights set on the many New Year’s Eve events around New Zealand such as La De Da and Rhythm & Vines.

Everton is currently working alongside other organisations such as, Sustainable Coastlines, and Keep New Zealand Beautiful, to help promote waste reduction nationwide.

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