Social movements and the future of environmental policy

Often it's youth who are at the forefront of global social movements.

New Zealand is no different, as shown by the mass amounts of young people who drove change on our anti-apartheid, civil rights and nuclear free policies.

But all too often youth movements are dismissed as idealistic and naive.

AUT’s Sustainability Research Cluster and Faculty of Business and Law are presenting a discussion and workshop on youth social movements and media affecting environmental policy change across the globe next week.

The event will include lectures by Kiwis who have experienced global policy making firsthand at the UN: David Tong and Vernon Rive.

The discussions will strive to answer the question: what is the role of youth movements in international environmental policy now and into the future, if we are to inherit that environment?

What: Mic check: the role of civil society, the youth movement and the media in international environmental policy development

When: 4.30pm, May 17

Where: Room 503, 42 Wakefield St (WF Building), AUT,