WTF? movement hauls in star pulling power

Earlier this month, prime minister John Key recently came out and said he's not against gay marriage, following on from US president Barack Obama announcing his support for it. And this week the local marriage equality movement forged ahead with a punchy new campaign, known simply as WTF?

The WTF campaign, launched at the Q Theatre on Wednesday, is being spearheaded by organisations OUTLine NZ and Rainbow Youth. But more notably, it's backed by the likes of comedian Leigh Hart (aka That Guy), singer Annie Crummer, model and presenter Colin Mathura-Jeffree, broadcaster Tamati Coffey and actor Oliver Driver, plus faces you'll recognise from The Almighty Johnsons and Shorty St.

Yes, it's in-your-face. And that's exactly what it's all about.

"Our campaign exists around outrage – we’re upset, we’re angry and we’re taking a stand. We’re a passionate bunch of change makers who are striving to keep up with demand, and to keep serving our communities. But without the funding we might not to be able to carry on," reads the website.

"We’re asking you all to take a stand – to be outraged, and make noise. Help us to do the work that needs to be done.

"Nothing like this has ever been attempted in New Zealand, nor has any one campaign rallied as many of our country’s top faces under its banner and the support from so many well-known kiwis has encouraged us to speak up even louder for those being discriminated against. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, so it’s time we ask New Zealand WTF?”

Campaigners say WTF can mean "whatever you want to to mean".

WTF also stands for Where’s The Funds – you can donate a one-off amount or make regular contributions.

"It’s an expression of outrage, and a call to action. WTF is about standing up, not taking no for an answer and demanding change! WTF is a campaign that EVERYONE can get behind – because WTF is about equality, and equality affects us all. Our services have never been more heavily used. And yet… We’re unable to secure sustainable funding, we’re having to down-size staff, and we’re at the risk of not being able to carry on doing the work that we love to do, and need to do."

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