Get in now for Wellington Startup Weekend

Get in now for Wellington Startup Weekend

Next month marks the third annual Auckland Startup Weekend and the windy city will get its turn come July.

Wellington Startup Weekend is pegged to kick off on July 27 for 54 hours of intense work. Entrepreneurs, developers, and designers get together to form new businesses in a marathon starting with an icebreaker game and dinner, followed by pitching concepts to the crowd.

Saturday morning is all about market validation – you’ll be contacting potential customers and finding out if there’s really a market need for what you’re building. Meanwhile, your developers and designers will be furiously building your products (or mock-ups). You’ll need to start preparing your final five-minute presentation on Sunday morning, because your team will need to pitch it by dinner time. After that, prizes will be awarded to the best teams.

Previous Startup Weekend winners TranscribeMe and have gone on to launch their products (read more about the journey here).