Case study: Local focus, global results

Case study: Local focus, global results
Sometimes TV ads are just too clever for their own good. We love an ad for its humour, sex appeal or amazing CGI but don’t always remember the product.

Sometimes TV ads are just too clever for their own good. We love an ad for its humour, sex appeal or amazing CGI but don’t always remember the product. Enter Buchanan Group.

Third-party advertising endorsement informs, explains and educates, while keeping the product top of mind. And New Zealand’s third-party advertising endorsement industry is arguably the most developed in the world. It’s a back- to-basics approach that’s been so successful for the clients of Buchanan Group, which combines its global experience and local knowledge to specialise in this form of advertising. Here are eight reasons to use Buchanan Group.

1. Just around the corner
Buchanan Group is based in Auckland. Everything is produced and managed in New Zealand. You get access to a local production team, and the face of the Brand Power TV ads is a New Zealander too. Brand Power has educated Kiwi consumers for 15 years and it can now be seen in every continent on Earth.

2. BG can buy media
If you want an ‘all-in’ package, including media, BG can do this. You get a custom media buy, not restricted to any particular network and bought like your agency would buy for you. Or your agency can buy your media for you. It’s a flexible service designed to fit into clients’ needs.

3. Quality creative
This is crucial. You’re investing a great deal of money in media. BG places just as much emphasis on their finished product. With BG, your shoot is one full day and it’s all about you and your brand. There are no other brands’ ads squeezed into your day. Plus, there’s a focus on delivering an ad that’s not only persuasive but has a visual appeal to match your branded values. Here are just some of the points of focus to ensure a great result:

• High-end digital equipment
• Quality food styling
• In-store reference. For MediFacts and Brand Power, featuring the point of purchase in the TVC serves as a strong sales trigger. Ipsos and Millward Brown reinforce the importance of this point.
• Fresh-faced and persuasive presenters.

4. Ad pre-testing
Yep, they do that too. No additional charge! It’s a great way to double-check messaging, message outtake and relevance, and pre- and post-purchase intent. Under their BGResearch wing, Buchanan Group—in consultation with a leading US research house—has developed an ad pre-testing tool called Pridikta. The test explores consumers’ knowledge of brands within your category (unprompted), what brands they know from a list (prompted), and their purchase intent towards these brands. An animatic is then shown and the questionnaire assesses branding, message outtake, message relevance and purchase intent. This allows BG to gauge the effectiveness of the TVC and make necessary changes prior to the shoot. It really is an exceptional tool to deliver peace of mind.

5. Partnership
BG provides category exclusivity for the on-air period and three months after the last on-air date. So when you see great sales lifts as your ad goes to work, you can work with BG to lock away subsequent media bursts and maintain your exclusivity.

6. Heritage and trust
Brand Power airs in over 40 countries around the world. The last Ipsos read in New Zealand demonstrated 100 percent awareness with consumers, which is no surprise, given that Brand Power has been in Kiwihomes for 15 years. They’ve produced more than 1500 ads worldwide for the world’s biggest FMCG manufacturers. Global experience with local knowledge is a potent combination to tackle your communication challenge.

7. Multiple touch points 

TV still delivers the strongest reach and drives huge sales lifts but that doesn’t mean BG is ignoring the other critical media touch points. Their unique Touchpoint Diamond presents a model where all critical points of consumer contact are covered to ensure the success of your campaign. This includes path to purchase, radio, sampling, print, digital and outdoor to name a few. It’s encouraging to work with a business that can develop an entire campaign, working directly with you or through your agencies to offer a genuine communication advantage.

8. And results?
The key measure of success is sales results for clients. It’s also the standard to which BG hold themselves. They tap into years of expertise to ensure the copy they craft is powerful and persuasive, driving significant sales lifts.

Sure, there are other providers of branded advertising content, but BG invented the genre and continues to push it, learning from global experience to ensure they deliver consistently strong results for their clients. If sales growth is part of your brand strategy—and let’s face it, it should be—then a call to BG might just prove to be an extremely smart business decision.

Driving volume
Drive risked being deleted by retailers due to poor sales. Brand Power was brought in to drive volume for the brand. Making the challenge more difficult, the average price per unit sold also increased across the period. However, during the Brand Power campaign, the average weekly dollar value rose 22 percent, with units up by five percent. In the first six weeks post-Brand Power, sales continued to climb with average weekly dollar value up 41 percent and units up 40 percent. Drive remains on the shelves and Unilever is happy.

For more information contact Marama Castle- Brown, phone 09 358-1520 or 021 892-893 or visit

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