Startup spotlight: Saif Parkar, QReative Media

QReative's Saif Parkar reckons customer engagement via mobile will be the next big thing.

Saif ParkarMy first job was … designing and developing websites and intranet sites.

My first startup was ... an online party hire service; it basically formed an online network for DJs, musicians, artists and equipment in the UAE leveraging the principle of crowdsourcing in the early 2000s.

And now I'm ... QReative Media’s cofounder and product strategist. And I’m always involved in new business development and company operations. In a nutshell, we built a cool online service, that allows you to create a complete mobile web presence, whether it be mobile websites, product landing pages and mobile marketing campaigns. The easy-to-use software requires little to no technical skills; and as it is hosted online, you can access and maintain your presence from anywhere. We've even embedded our own Dynamic QR code generator that allows you to increase your brand's visibility in the real world.

And we do it because … we believe with every passing day we are becoming more mobile dependent as well as tech-savvy. We seek more functionality and greater connectivity from our devices and the Internet. Already, mobile banking, loyalty programmes have become mainstream and we believe that customer engagement through mobile devices will be the next big thing.

We started out ... 15 months ago with a vision on how brands, companies, professionals would connect with their customers and audiences  locally in the real world ... using mobile technology.

And now … we’ve built an innovative portal that allows our clients to build and proliferate their online presence without requiring any programming skills. Really, its a simple three-step wizard based on widgets like on your smartphone.

Our philosophy is … Using everyday technology we aim to enable businesses to connect with their customers in the fastest possible way, and with the least amount of effort.

To work here, you've got to be … into mobile technology! Innovative and have a passion to understand what users and customers need and want.

Our customers are … our most trusted and innovative partners. Having a wide range of customers has greatly spurred product innovation. They are also the most successful businesses, since they understand where their customers are looking for them.

We wish they'd understand that … keeping pace with evolving technology is critical for every business today.

Right now, the mobile engagement industry is … young and still discovering and growing exponentially. It's probably the most exciting time for emerging technologies, as product innovation is fueled by belief.

At the moment, we're focusing on … increasing awareness locally for QR codes and their capabilities through mobile devices. For our products, we constantly endeavor to provide a simple hassle free service that anyone can use.

And next, we will ... focus on deploying our turnkey solutions for different industries, based on a shared cloud platform, and thus lowering the total cost of ownership for businesses and still maintaining full control of their content.

The biggest business lesson we've learned … that working together with our customers and incorporating their feedback into product iterations provides great insight into market trends.

The highlight of our journey so far is … realising the power and potential of existing mobile technology available to us.

If I wasn't doing this, I’d… be spending more time with my family & friends.

I'm inspired by … the innovations in technology and medicine we come across almost everyday. It reignites my passion to push the boundaries on existing infrastructure and technology. Andpeople, particularly, Entrepreneurs are always inspiring – seeing them survive, grow and thrive.

Saif Parkar is cofounder of QReative Media

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